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Treating Eye Disease in Vegas

Vegas Vision Loss

You would usually expect that if you have a disease, you will notice symptoms that serve to alert you that something is not right. That is a natural assumption, but a dangerous one when it comes to diseases of the eye. Many common eye problems can form and progress without any obvious signs in their early stages. By the time you are aware that there is something to be concerned about, it may be because you have suffered from vision loss or some other damage to your eye. This is why when it comes to treating eye disease in Vegas, the first line of defense is to have an eye exam every year. This will allow Dr. Thompson to detect any issues before they can lead to bigger problems. Not all eye diseases can be cured, but they can all be managed. We want you to know what your treatment options are.

The concept of low vision is one that covers the effects of one or more of several eye conditions that can lead to some degree of vision loss that is not recoverable. While most common in those 45 years of age and older, it can occur in anyone at any age. Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts can all cause vision loss. If caused by cataracts, surgery can often restore your vision, either with our without the help of corrective lenses. Glaucoma may be treated with eyedrops, laser surgery, or full surgery also. Other conditions may result in a permanent situation in which your ability to see is compromised to some degree. If you do have low vision, you are not on your own, however. Treating eye disease in Vegas is a high priority for us.

Most people at all ages are able to maintain enough vision to live their lives productively and independently. Lifestyle adjustments are helpful and technology has brought with it such advancements as devices that will permit you to enjoy reading, watching TV, working, and engaging in many of the same activities that you always have. Treating eye disease in Vegas covers many levels, but the most important one is in keeping you comfortable and assured that you will be able to function.

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