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Las Vegas Reading Glasses

Best eyeglasses in Las Vegas

Las Vegas reading glasses

Las Vegas reading glasses

Have you reached the point where you need to get reading glasses for the first time? If so, you are certainly in good company. Almost everyone needs to get reading glasses at some point to help them see clearer. If you are thinking about getting Las Vegas reading glasses, you will want to come to our eye care practice, Paul Thompson, OD, where we have a wide selection of reading glasses including progressive glasses.

Many of our customers do not like to wear reading glasses because they feel they, in a sense, give away their age. This is exactly why many patients like to get progressive lenses in their glasses. Progressive lenses allowed the wearer to have more than one lens prescription in their eyeglasses. This means that customers are able to get a single set of glasses which have both distance vision and reading glasses in them. So, if you are going about your day wearing your glasses, and you need to read something that is up close, you will not need to switch glasses. And, no one will know that you are actually wearing Las Vegas reading glasses.

If you simply want to purchase reading glasses, this can be done without a vision prescription. At our practice, we have many different types of reading glasses which can be readily purchased. Our optician will be happy to help you select the reading glasses which will allow you to see most clearly. Las Vegas reading glasses from our practice can be fun and whimsical, or they can actually be hidden as part of eyeglasses that have progressive lenses. You will know that you need to get reading eyeglasses when you start to get the feeling that your “arms are too short.” As we get older, and our near vision changes, we tend to hold close reading matter further and further away in an effort to see it more clearly. Many people joke that their arms are simply too short when they are talking about the fact that they need to get reading glasses. We also offer traditional bifocal lenses which have both reading glasses and another prescription in them. Traditional bifocals definitely visually show the fact that there are two different lens prescriptions in the lens, and do not provide as wide a reading area as the newer progressive styles. For an appointment to see our optometrist regarding getting progressive Las Vegas reading glasses, contact us today.

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