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Vegas Eye Exam

Optical Exams in Vegas

Can you recall the last time you had your eyes examined by your local eye doctor? Believe it or not, regular eye exams are not just for those who live with a previously diagnosed vision problem, but are in fact necessary for patients of all ages and levels of visual clarity. No matter how well your eyes see, you are still at risk for developing an illness of the eye, especially as you grow older in life. Eye exams do much more than test your vision, they also provide state of the art examinations that could very well save your vision from harm. To find out how the latest technology can work for your optical health, be sure to book your next Vegas eye exam with the state of the art offices of Paul Thompson, OD.

89102 Family Eye Care

89102 Family Eye Care

Comprehensive eye exams are an essential aspect of overall health care. While many of us believe eye exams are only for those who have a previously diagnosed vision problem that requires correction, the truth is that everyone needs regular eye exams, even those of us who currently appear to possess perfect vision. This is due to the simple fact that previously diagnosed eye exams are not in fact the main cause behind optical diseases, but are only one risk factor of many. For this reasons eye exams work to test the strength and clarity of your vision through retinoscopy with a state of the art phoropter, as well as the latest methods of detecting optical diseases. One of the way which doctors do so is through a gentle puff of air that actually works to measure the intraocular pressure inside your eyes. Everyone’s intraocular pressure will vary from patient to patient, but if a number climbs beyond the normal range this can be one of the first signs of a destructive illness known as glaucoma. Other methods of optical disease testing include dilation of the eyes to see beyond the pupil and into the retina, as well as computerized imaging technology which can take a perfect image of the entirety of the eye in just a few seconds. The many tests that are included in your professional Vegas eye exam are all essential in ensuring clear and healthy vision.

For a Vegas eye exam that fits around your schedule, be sure to book your next appointment with the welcoming offices of Paul Thompson, OD. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff are available to you six days a week, and are always open late. We provide the best care possible to our patients with state of the art technology and walk-ins always welcome, so you can always find the time for the optical care you need to insure a lifetime of perfect vision.

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