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Dry eyes and fall weather in Las Vegas NV

Optometrist in Las Vegas NV
Optometrist in Las Vegas NV

Have your eyes begun to feel gritty and irritated? If so, you will want to come into our vision practice, Paul Thompson, OD for a complete eye exam. Our optometrist in Las Vegas NV, Dr. Paul Thompson, can determine the cause of your eye problem, which well may be dry eye.

If you have dry eye, do not be surprised if your symptoms become worse in the fall and winter. This is because if you have dry eye, your eyes can be affected by cooler temperatures, as well as by cold winds. Also, as people begin to put up the heat in their homes and offices, dry eye symptoms can worsen. A patient develops dry eye when their eyes do not produce a sufficient amount of tears, or the quality of tears that are produced are not of a good enough quality to keep the eyes well-lubricated and healthy. Dry eye is a very common condition, often found in people over age 60. However, dry eye can also be affected by your work or home environment, or even by some medications that you may take. When a person has dry eye, their eyes can feel extremely irritated at times. People can even have intermittently blurred vision caused by dry eye. Dry eye in itself is not a serious vision problem. However if it is left untreated, the cornea can eventually become damaged due to constant irritation. For this reason, it is important to visit our vision practice to see our optometrist in Las Vegas NV for an eye exam. If it is found you have dry eye, our optometrist can prescribe eye drops for you which should help your eyes to feel better, and be healthier. And, if you wear contact lenses, our eye doctor can prescribe contact lenses which will work particularly well with your dry eyes. Sunglasses will also protect your dry eye from the cold fall winds and weather.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist in Las Vegas NV, for a comprehensive eye exam, or for a contact lens exam and fitting, contact us today.

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