Glaucoma Testing in Vegas

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Glaucoma testing in Vegas

Glaucoma testing in Vegas

As part of our comprehensive eye exams, we are pleased to provide our glaucoma testing in Vegas. Most eye diseases, including glaucoma, don’t reveal any obvious symptoms in their early stages. Typically, you would not be aware of having glaucoma until it had progressed to a more advanced stage and you had already suffered form optic nerve damage and possible loss of vision. As a matter of fact, when glaucoma is not addressed in a timely fashion, it can lead to permanent blindness, and is the second leading cause of it. We recommend a yearly eye exam with Dr. Thompson, to ensure that you do not have any indications of glaucoma, and that if you do, we are able to begin treatment and management when it can be more effective.

What exactly is glaucoma? It is excessive internal eye pressure brought on as the result of an imbalance that occurs between the amount of fluid your eye create and the amount that they drain. When the drainage of eye fluid becomes hindered or slowed, it builds up and this is what increases your eye pressure. The first diagnostic tool used in our glaucoma testing in Vegas is tonometry. Dr. Thompson will be able to measure your level of internal eye pressure, and depending on the outcome, this will determine what other tests should be done in order to confirm whether glaucoma is or is not present. Some of these other tests include checking your peripheral (side-to-side) vision, and taking photos of your optic nerve.

If the results of our glaucoma testing in Vegas show a positive diagnosis, the protocols taken will depend on how far the disease has advanced and if any damage to your optic nerve has occurred. In more mild cases, eye drops may be sufficient to reduce the amount of fluid that your eyes produce, and therefore relieve the imbalance. If not, laser surgery may be suggested to increase the ability of the eye to drain fluid efficiently. Finally, microsurgery is sometimes done to create a new channel from which your eye fluid can drain. If you have not had an eye exam within the last 12 months, please call us today to schedule one.

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