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Diagnosing and treating red eyes in Las Vegas NV

Eye clinic in Las Vegas NV
Eye clinic in Las Vegas NV

If you have a red eye it is important that you make an appointment to come in two see us at our vision practice, Paul Thompson, OD. At our eye clinic in Las Vegas NV, our expert optometrist, Dr. Paul Thompson, can provide you with complete diagnosis and treatment of your red eye.

If you have red eye, it may be caused by something as simple as seasonal allergies, or that you have not been getting enough sleep. However, red eyes can also be a sign of serious eye infection, or even of acute glaucoma. For this reason, it is important to come in to our eye clinic in Las Vegas NV to have your red eye correctly diagnosed and treated. When a patient is said to have red eye, it is simply describing the appearance of the eye. During a comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor will determine exactly what is causing your red eye. When a patient has red eyes, it is because the blood vessels on the surface of the eye have become irritated. Red eyes can be caused by environmental allergens such as pollen, pet dander, or even wind. If you suffer with seasonal allergies, or your eyes are being irritated by the environment outside, wearing wraparound sunglasses can help protect your eyes while you are outside. If your eyes are excessively dry, it can also cause them to become red. However, red eye can also be a sign of a serious vision problems such as conjunctivitis, acute glaucoma, blepharitis, or corneal ulcers. If you are having any pain in your eye, or have a discharge from your eye, it is important that you come in to see our eye doctor immediately. Other symptoms which often accompany red eyes are: itchy eyes; itchy eyelids; light sensitivity; a crusting of the eyelid; watery eyes; or a burning sensation in the eye.

For an immediate appointment to visit our eye doctor at our eye clinic in Las Vegas NV, simply contact us today.

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